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African Linguistics and Literatures

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At the University of Bayreuth (UBT), the study of African languages is a multifaceted endeavor. We consider African languages in all their manifestations and dynamics – from words and sentences to novels and poems – as primary keys to African concepts and lifeworlds. The three departments, African Linguistics I & II and Literatures in African Languages, complement each other in teaching and research:

African Linguistics I
Niger-Congo languages with regional foci on Bantu languages of Southern Africa; also on Gur and Mande languages as well as thematic foci on historical linguistics, language description, language contact, and sociolinguistics.

African Linguistics II
African language phyla other than Niger-Congo, with a focus on Afroasiatic languages, especially Chadic and Berber. Thematic foci include comparative-historical linguistics, ethnolinguistics, areal linguistics, and cognitive linguistics.

Literatures in African Languages
Focus on comparative literatures in African languages, Swahili literature, manuscript studies and poetics with a regional focus on Eastern Africa.

All staff are members of the Institute of African Studies

For more information on the departments of African Linguistics I, African Linguistics II and Literatures in African Languages see: About.

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