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African Linguistics and Literatures

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At UBT, the study of African languages is a multifaceted endeavor. We consider African languages in all their manifestations and dynamics – from words and sentences to novels and poems – as primary keys to African concepts and lifeworlds. The three departments, African Linguistics I & II and Literatures in African Languages, complement each other in teaching and research:

African Linguistics I
Niger-Congo languages with regional foci on Bantu languages of Southern Africa; and Gur and Mande languages; as well as thematic foci on historical linguistics, language description, language contact, and sociolinguistics.

African Linguistics II
African language phyla other than Niger-Congo, with a focus on Afroasiatic languages, especially Chadic and Berber. Thematic foci include comparative-historical linguistics; ethnolinguistics; areal linguistics; and cognitive linguistics.

Literatures in African Languages
Focus on comparative literatures in African languages; Swahili literature; manuscript studies and poetics with a regional focus on Eastern Africa.a.

All staff are members of the Institute of African Studies

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