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Berber Colloquium

The colloquium on the Berber languages, called at the beginning “Bayreuth-Frankfurter Kolloquium zur Berberologie”, since 2006 “Bayreuth-Frankfurt-Leidener Kollo­quium zur Berberologie” is a biennial international meeting. It started on 2. and 3. July 2000 at the University of Bayreuth with the idea to discuss different aspects of Berber linguistics.

1stBayreuth-Frankfurter Kolloquium zur Berberologie”, 2.-3. July 2000, Bayreuth

2ndBayreuth-Frankfurter Kolloquium zur Berberologie”, 11.-13. July 2002, Frankfurt am Main, main topic “Le verbe en berbère

3rdBayreuth-Frankfurter Kolloquium zur Berberologie”, 1.-3. July 2004, Bayreuth, main topic “Etudes sur le nom et pronom en berbère ”

4thBayreuth-Frankfurter Kolloquium zur Berberologie”, 21.-23. September 2006, Frankfurt am Main, main topic “Etudes lexicologiques et lexico­gra­phiques en berbère

5thBayreuth-Frankfurter-Leidener Kolloquium zur Berberologie”, 8.-11. October 2008, Leiden, main topic “Variations dialectales

6thBayreuth-Frankfurter-Leidener Kolloquium zur Berberologie”, 19.-21. July 2010, Bayreuth, main topic “Etudes sur la syntaxe en berbère

7thBayreuth-Frankfurt-Leidener Kolloquium zur Berberologie”, 16.-18. July 2012, Frankfurt am Main, main topic “Etudes sur la sémantique en berbère

8thBayreuth-Frankfurter-Leidener Kolloquium zur Berberologie”, 9.-11. October 2014, Bayreuth, main topic “Etudes sur la linguistique historique berbère”   (see picture)

9thBayreuth-Frankfurt-Leidener Kolloquium zur Berberologie”, 20.-23. July 2016, Frankfurt am Main, main topic “Etudes sur la linguistique et la documentation écrite en berbère

10th “Bayreuth-Frankfurter-Leidener Kolloquium zur Berberologie”, 10.-12. October 2018, Bayreuth, main topic “Derniers développements en études linguistiques berbères” (see programme)

For further information on the colloquia please contact Dymitr Ibriszimow (dymitr.ibriszimow@uni-bayreuth.de) and Rémi Tchokothe (Remi.Tchokothe@uni-bayreuth.de

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