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Former Research Colloquia

Programmes of Former Research Colloquia (since 2002) can be found below:

Winter Term 22/23Hide

08.11.22 Recalibrating Afrikanistik Reading Group: Vincent Magugu (Moi University): Contextualising the Translation of Caitaani Mutharaba-ini (Devil on the Cross) by Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o". Please note: starts at 17h00!
15.11.22 Linguistic Colloquium (16h00): Thorsten Brato “Towards a Diachronic Corpus of African Newspapers (DiaNewspapers)“. 
22.11.22 Programme moderator meeting with MA students  (includes information and discussion on presenting in the colloquium)


 Recalibrating Afrikanisitk Reading Group:
Andrew Harvey (UBT): "Documenting Hadza 2019-2021: A retrospective"


Sazzad Hossain (MA AVVA). "Traditional Art Forms in Bangladesh"


Meeting with BA Students


Alena Rettová, Emiliano Minerba, Benedetta Lafranchi, Chantal Gishoma: "Philosophy and Genre: Creating a Textual Basis for African Philosophy" - a State of the Art Update


Alena Rettová, Albert Kasanda, Pierre-Philippe Fraiture, Michelle Clarke (University of Bayreuth, University of Warwick): "Philosophy and Genre: Creating a Textual Basis for African Philosophy" - a State of the Art Update (Part II)

Summer Term 2022Hide

03.05.22 RecAf Reading Group (17h00 s.t.)

10.05.22 Oladapo Ajayi (Bayreuth)
Fuji: The Contemporary Yoruba Urban Space and the Performance of Gbajumo or the Bigman

17.05.22 Linguistic Colloquium (in German)
Dr. Susanne Kabatnik (Greifswald)
Helfende Instruktionen am Beispiel von Depression auf Twitter und der Gruppenpsychotherapie

31.05.22 Q&A Bachelor Thesis

21.06.22 Linguistic Colloquium (in English)
PD Dr. Marie-Luise Pitzl (Österreichische)
Emergent multilingual practices in Transient International Groups (TIGs): Micro-diachronic analysis of ELF interactions in VOICE.

28.06.22 Abibatou Diagne (Dakar), Monika Rohmer (Bayreuth)
Conceptualisations of WATER on the Senegalese Coast

05.07.22 RecAf Reading Group (17h00 s.t.)

12.07.22 Irina Turner (Bayreuth)
En(l)abe(l)ing isiXhosa

Winter Term 2021/2022Hide
26.10.21 Alena Rettova and Team (Bayreuth)
Philosophy and Genre- Creating a Textual Basis for African Philosophy 

02.11.21 Liliana Santos (Munich)
Silence, Voice, Gender and Racial Representations in African American Children's Literature 

Maxime Boeuf (Munich)
Koloniale Jugendliteratur

09.11.21 Ajibade Olusola (Ile-Ife)
Spiritualizing the COVID-19 Pandemic: Impulsion from Oral Genres Produced during COVID-19 in Nigeria

23.11.21 Maureen Karanja (Bayreuth)
Code-switching and code-mixing in Kenyan Rap Music- Analysing the works of Kennedy Ombima aka King Kaka

30.11.21 Jannis Kostelnik (Bayreuth)
Metaphorical Conceptualizations of DEATH and DYING in Chadic Languages- Examples from Hausa and Mofu-Gudur

Agnes Dietrich 
The Conceptualization of Women in Kiswahili Proverbs

07.12.21 Susanne Mohr (Trondheim)
‘Kwa quotes nzuri za kiswahili kuhusu mapenzi na maisha follow hapa’- Inspirational quotes as advice activity in the digital (tourist) space of Zanzibar

21.12.21 Paul Okoro Ewoma (Bayreuth)
The Significance of Osun-Osogbo Festival

Moses Anifowose 
Ijala Artist as the Memory of the Society - A Case Study of Alabi Ogundepo's works

18.01.22 Vuyelwa Jacobs (Gqeberha)
The City Press Representation of Citizen Action in Housing Delivery in South Africa: 2005-2015

02.02.22 Irina Turner (Bayreuth)
En(l)abelling isiXhosa at the University

Summer Term 2021Hide
27.04.21 Dyoniz Kindata (Bayreuth)
A Critical Thematic Analysis of Selim bin Abakari Travelogue

04.05.21 Emiliano Minerba (Bayreuth)
Stylistic analysis in African literature: some theoretical considerations

11.05.21 Maureen Karanja (Bayreuth)

01.06.21 Abibatou Diagne  (Dakar)
Languages Terminologically Undeveloped: How to Express Science and Technology

08.06.21 Patrick Onuh (Bayreuth)
Voices of Disruptions: The Artistic Portrayal of Systemic Violence against Nigerian Youths

22.06.21 Saheed Bello (Bayreuth)
“Ọ̀rúnmìliàn Film-Philosophy”: An African Philosophy through Cinematic Storytelling

29.06.21 Annmarie Drury (Bayreuth)
"Omar Khayyam kwa Kiswahili": Re-Imagining a Travelling Text in an East African Context

06.07.21 Alena Rettová and Team (Bayreuth)
Philosophy and Genre: Creating a Textual Basis for African Philosophy

Summer Term 2020Hide
29.04.20 Johnson Segun Ige (Washington, D.C.)
Beauty from Ashes: Witnessing Economic and Political Transformation of Rwanda’s Politics and Social Relations from its Genocidal Past
14.05.20 Susanne Mohr (Bayreuth)
Language learning in the Zanzibari tourist space: Some considerations on the concept of 'grassroots'

19.05.20 Taofik Olasunkanmi Adesanmi (Ondo)
Investigating the Nexus between Animals and Basotho's Identities in Epitaphs as Death Discourse (Linguistic Colloquium)

09.06.20 Hanna Nieber (Bayreuth)
Drinking the Written Qur’an – writing a diffractive ethnography

Winter Term 2019/2020Hide
22.10.19 Pierre Sambou (Dakar)
Non verbal Predication in Joola Karon, an Atlantic Language of Senegal

05.11.19 Jaouad Serghini (Rabat)
La Coproduction Cinématographique Sud-Sud: État des Lieux, Défis et Enjeux

26.11.19 Nathalie Koenings (Amherst)
“We have rukya, and we have mumian”: contemporary trends in the mystical realms of Pemba, Zanzibar

03.12.19 Monika Rohmer (Bayreuth)
Representing No-Man’s Land? Stories from Senegal from those ‘left behind’ by migrants

10.12.19 Zra Kodji (Bayreuth)
Tiernamen in der Kapsiki-Bibel: eine translatorische und semantische Analyse

14.01.20 Melissa Deiß (Bayreuth)
An introduction to the 'utendi wa sayyidina Ali na Mudhari bin Darimi' and the 'utendi wa Barasisi'

28.01.20 Ninja Steinbach-Hüther (Leipzig)
The circulation of African knowledge or One-Way-Ticket to Europe? New methods for the research of the reception of Africana with Digital Humanities
Summer Term 2019Hide
30.04.19 Eliane Kamdem (Bayreuth)
Tense-Aspect Categories and Standard Negation in Five Bamileke Languages of Cameroon: Ngiemboon, Feʔfeʔ, Ghomalaʔ, Ngombale, and Medumba:
A Descriptive and Comparative Study

14.05.19 Dikko Muhammad (Bayreuth)
Beyond "the Women Talk": Political Activism and Space Contestation in Female Poetry in Northern Nigeria

21.05.19 Anne Schröder (Bielefeld)
Approaching the Dynamics of English in Namibia – Focus on the Pragmatics of Namibian English
(= Linguistic Colloquium)

28.05.19 Gabriele Sommer & Michael Broß (Bayreuth)
Introduction to the Online-Course IsiXhosa

04.06.19 Sheena Shah (Hamburg)
SiPhûthî, a highly endangered Tekela-Nguni language spoken in rural Lesotho

18.06.19 Valentina Serreli (Bayreuth)
Arabic L2 in Siwa Oasis – A Berber-speaking Enclave of Egypt
(= Linguistic Colloquium)

25.06.19 Oshita Oshita (Abuja)
Elections as a Metaphor in the Democratic Process

02.07.19 Eloisa Ruppert (Kiel)
Negation in Ruuli

16.07.19 Salem Ejeba (Port Harcourt)
A Discourse-Structural Analysis of Ígálâ Names

Gideon Sunday Omachonu (Keffi)
Sound, Structure and Semantics of Igala Personal Names: A Legacy of Tripartite Beauty

​Winter Term 2018/2019Hide
23.10.18    Masresha Fetene (Addis Abeba)
African Knowledge Systems − The imperative for African Universities

30.10.18   Jacqueline Lück (Port Elizabeth)
Decolonizing the University Curriculum: Developing a Bottom-Up Transformative African-Centred Model for Linguistics                     
 (= Linguistic Colloquium)

13.11.18    Oyèníyì Okùnoyè (Ile-Ife)
Women's Voices and Dreams of Change in Nigerian Short Story in English

27.11.18  Susann Ludwig (Leipzig)
La Chance - or University Graduates Making Sense of Uncertainty in Bamako, Mali

22.01.19  Pepetual Mforbe Chiangong (Berlin)
The Elderly and Performative Actions in African Drama and Theatre

29.01.19     Chapane Mutiwa (Hamburg)
Bridging the land to the sea: tenzi literature, oral historiography and the construction of identities from late 19th century Angoche        

Summer Term 2018Hide
24.04.18 Gratien Atindogbe (Buea)
Achieving the SDGs through Documentary Linguistics

15.05.18 Kithaka wa Mberia (Nairobi)

29.05.18 Duncan Tarrant (Bayreuth)
 A comparison in the themes of two Swahili Free verse poets

05.06.18    Nikitta Adjirakor (Bayreuth)
On being Swahili and Tanzanian’: (re)exploring questions of self and nation through poetry and hip-hop in everyday life in Dar es Salaam

12.06.18 Ajibade Olusola (Ile-Ife)
The Yoruba Christians Rewriting the Bible: Illustrations from their Songs

19.06.18  Linguistic Colloquium

26.06.18 Buata Malela (Mayotte)
L’Afrique centrale comme concept d’écriture dans le discours littéraire de la diaspora afrodescendante

Winter Term 2017/2018Hide
17.10.17    Baba Mai Bello (Maiduguri)
The construction of fear in Boko Haram’s propaganda messages

Mimboabe Bakpa (Kara)
A study of Hausa borrowed connectors in Moba language (Gur, Togo)

14.11.17 Duncan Tarrant (Bayreuth)
A comparison in the themes of two Swahili free verse poets

21.11.17 Abraham Olivier (East London)
The facticity of freedom

05.12.17  John Lamola (East London)
Das Kapital and the postcolonial ontology of the African Self

12.12.17 Danillo Barata (Salvador da Bahia)
Afro Brazilian art

19.12.17  Klaudia Dombroswky-Hahn (Bayreuth)
Relative clauses in Senufo languages and linguistic typology 
(= Linguistic Colloquium, 16 c.t., S 68 RW I)

09.01.18 Julian Wenger (Bayreuth)
Rewriting: Albert Camus 'The Stranger' and Kamel Daouds 'The Meursault Investigation'

16.01.18 Sam Naidu (Grahamstown)
Book launch - A survey of South African crime fiction (2017)

23.01.18 Chijioke Uwah (East London)
Exploring the prophetic discourses on the realities of post-apartheid South Africa in the plays of Zakes Mda

30.01.18 Susanne Mohr (Bonn)
Of jambo and hakuna matata. Language as a commodity in tourist-host interactions in Zanzibar

Summer Term 2017Hide
109.05.17   Crispin Maalu-Bungi (Kinshasa)
Un nouveau-né en lexicographie congolaise

16.05.17 Oyeniyi Okunoye (Ile-Ife)
A Distant View of the Homeland: Representations of Nigeria in Selected Short Fiction from the Nigerian Diaspora

23.05.17 C.J Odhiambo (Moi) & Loreen Maseno (Maseno)
Satiric and Comic Irony: Framing intervention in Luo Popular culture and Media in two films, Kalausi and Cleansing

30.05.17 BIGSAS Alumni Workshop

13.06.17 Nassur Attoumani (Mayotte)
Écrire en milieu d’illettrisme

11.07.17 Nico Nassenstein (Cologne)
Kikongo Facile: On mediatized language, metalinguistic chic and translanguaging practices among youths from Matadi, Kinshasa and beyond

18.07.17 Georg Ziegelmeyer (Vienna)
From the Chadic-Kanuri Contact Zone to the Wider Lake Chad Area

Winter Term 2016/2017Hide
18.10.16    Eliane Kamdem (Bayreuth)
A description and comparison of the tense-aspect systems in Bamileke languages

25.10.16  Angiachi Demetris Esene Agwara (Bayreuth)
Assessing oral rural multilingual competence in lower Bafut, North-West Region of Cameroon

11.08.16  Nomsa Satyo (Fort Hare)
IsiXhosa Riddles: A contribution to real learning in the Foundation Phase
22.11.16  Chapane Mutiua (Maputo)
Typology, Style, and Materiality of the nineteenth century northern Mozambique ajami correspondence: the case of the collection of Bwana Shaki ibn Abdulatifo al-Mafazy

29.11.16  Abraham Olivier (Fort Hare)
Racism, speciesism, and suffering

13.12.16  Dianne Shober (Fort Hare)
History of South African Literature: Literary Footprints

10.01.17  Anja Oed (Mainz)
Detective novels in African languages

24.01.17  Davids Boakye (Bayreuth / Accra)

31.01.17  Georg Ziegelmeyer (Vienna)
Language contact between Chadic and Nilo-Saharan Languages
​Summer Term 2016Hide
26.04.16    Mary Zacharia Charwi (Bayreuth)
The analysis of verb extensions, arguments relations and their semantic scope in Kuria

10.05.16 Flora Amabiamina (Douala)
L’éthos de femme libérée dans la chanson féminine camerounaise 

31.05.16 Michael Kasombo (Lubumbashi)
The Swahili of Lubumbashi: between tone and stress or the dynamics of the lexicon

07.06.16  Klaudia Dombrowsky (Bayreuth) 
Book Launch:  A grammar of Syer (Western Karaboro, Senufo): phonology, morphology, argument realization. Köln: Köppe, 2015

14.06.16  C.J Odhiambo (Moi) & Loreen Maseno (Maseno)
Satiric and Comic Irony: Framing intervention in Luo Popular culture and Media in two films
28.06.16  Alexandra Verezemskaya (Frankfurt)
The typology of verbal imperfective paradigms in West Chadic

12.07.16 Fabienne Loureiro (Cologne)
The influence of Kimbundu and Kikongo as a major factor in the development of Angolan Portuguese

Winter Term 2015/2016Hide
20.10.15     Ines Fiedler (Berlin)
Information structure and the verb system of Oti-Volta languages 

03.11.15 Ajibade Olusola (Ile-Ife)
Body no Be Wood: A Literary and Socio-cultural Analysis of Sexuality among the Yoruba Deities 

10.11.15  Gregorio Firmino (Maputo)
Portugese Orthography

24.11.15  Chukwuma Okoye (Ibadan)
Nigerian Music Videos

01.12.15  Jean-Pierre Boutche (Bayreuth) 
Linguistic socialisation and performance: featuring non-ethnic Fula in Northern Cameroon

08.12.15 Alioune Niang (Bremen)
Sprache und Identität. Das Beispiel Wolof im Senegal und die Frage des Identitätsbewusstseins der Senegalesen angesichts des Kolonialismus

22.12.15  Francisco da Silva Xavier (Sao Paulo)
Phonology and morphology of modern Kimbundu

12.01.16 Marie Ngom (Frankfurt am Main)
The impact of foreign verbs on the use of the antipassive marker-it in Seereer (an Atlantic language)

19.01.16 Rudolph Botha (Alice)

Summer Term 2015Hide
05.05.15   Roberto Gaudioso (Bayreuth/Naples)
The written voice: a new aesthetics of Swahili literature. The poetics of Euphrase Kezilahabi 

12.05.15 Stephanie Rudwick (Leipzig)
Vernacularization at the University of KwaZulu-Natal: chances and challenges 

09.06.15 Nikitta Adjirakor (Bayreuth)
Language and Identity in Hip-hop from Ghana (Hiplife) and Tanzania (Bongo Flava)

16.06.15 Niyi Okunoye (Ile-Ife)
The Nigeria Literature Prize and the Canonization of New Nigerian Writing

23.06.15  Crispin Maalu Bungi (Kinshasa)
Pour ou contre Claude Bremond: la néo-oralité en Rd Congo

30.06.15  Abraham Olivier (Alice)
In Search of Identity – Amo’s worlds

14.07.15    Billy Kahora (Nairobi)
The Story of Kwani: Between Creative Intervention and a Social 'Creative Content' Contract

Winter Term 2013/2014Hide
28.01.14  Rainer Voßen (Frankfurt)
Research in Khoisan Linguistics - The State of the Art

14.01.14 Christiana Chimezie (Bayreuth)
Body Parts and Their Cultural Perception and (Role) according to Igbo Proverbs

07.01.14 Anthonia Dugga (Bayreuth)
Cross-Lingual Households and the Future of Minority Languages in Urban Central Nigeria

17.12.13  Rosanna Tramutoli (Bayreuth)
Swahili body terminology: a linguistic analysis 

10.12.13  Sara Marzagora (London)
Deceit and divination in Amharic and Swahili drama: the prophecy of national liberation in Mengistu Lemma's “Anticolonialist” and Ebrahim “Kinjeketile” Hussein's

03.12.13 Albert Kasanda (Bayreuth)
The Representation of the Other One in Africa

26.11.13  Serena Talento (Bayreuth)
The Conceptualisation of Translation in Classical Swahili Poetry

12.11.13  Mary Charwi (Bayreuth)
Syntactic and Semantic Aspects of Verb Extension Systems  in Bantu Languages: A Case Study of Kuria and Swahili in Tanzania

05.11.13  Magdaline Wafula (Bayreuth)
Narrative Voice and Focalization in the Narration of Generational Conflicts in Selected Kiswahili Novels 
29.10.13  Claudia Böhme (Leipzig)
The Making of Swahiliwood

​Summer Term 2013Hide
02.07.13    Iscah Biwott (Bayreuth)
Features of Modernism and Post Modernism in the Swahili novel

25.06.13  Michael Kasombo (Lubumbashi) 
A little story of final vowel deletion in Ruwund L53

11.06.13  Clarissa Vierke (Bayreuth)
Beautiful South. On the Swahili Languages in Mozambique

04.06.13  Irina Turner (Bayreuth)
Businified Political Discourse on the State of the South African Nation: A Dialogue between Presidential Speeches and Newspaper Reports

28.05.13  Daniel Künzler (Freiburg) 
Transnational collaborations in Kenyan rap music as strategies of cultural entrepreneurs?

14.05.13  Andreas Wetter (Berlin / Addis Ababa)
Language contact in Argobba

30.04.13    Samuel Ndogo (Moi)
Narrating the self and nation in post-colonial autobiographical writings from Kenya

23.04.13 Alain Ricard (Bordeau)
From Fekisi to Segilola: The novel as a new genre?

​Winter Term 2012/2013Hide
05.02.13  Said Khamis (Bayreuth)
Creative Writing and Linguistic Knowledge

22.01.13  Klaudia Dombrowsky-Hahn (Bayreuth)
Tone in Syer, a Senufo Language of Burkina Faso (Gur)

08.01.13  Ricarda de Haas (Bayreuth)
Spoken Word goes digital. Aesthetics in Performance and New Media in Harare (Zimbabwe) and Johannesburg (South Africa)

11.12.12  Dan Omanga (Bayreuth)
'Raid at Abbottabad': Editorial Cartoons and the Terrorist Almighty Frame in Kenyan Newspapers

04.12.12 Buata Malela (Kinshasa)
Posture controversée et Discours Littéraire. L’écrivain Francophone dans le Dispositif Médiatique

27.11.12  Jean Pierre Boutche (Bayreuth)
Fulfulde spoken by non ethnic Fulani in the city of Maroua (Northern Cameroon)

13.11.12 Marie-Laure Bonson Kozi (Bayreuth)
Comparative Description of Northern Bia Languages: Agni, Baule, and Anufo

06.11.12  Iscah Biwott (Bayreuth)
Features of Modernism and Post Modernism in the Swahili novel: Case study of Babu Alipofufuka

Christiana Chimezie (Bayreuth)
The Meronymy of the Human Body Parts: Igbo as a case study

30.10.12  Gabriele Sommer (Bayreuth)
African Linguistics and the Issue of Language Diversity - examples from a Southern African Context

Summer Term 2012Hide
17.07.12     Crispin Maalu-Bungi (Kinshasa)
L'engagement dans la littérature écrite en langues congolaises. Le cas de la poésie luba moderne

03.07.12  Lena Kostial (Bayreuth)
Translating Swahili Novels into German: An Attempt to Outline and Systematize Translatory Peculiarities

26.06.12 Jean Pierre Boutché (Bayreuth)
Language Contact and Linguistic Change: The Case of Fulfulde Spoken by the Youth in Maroua (Northern  Cameroon)

12.06.12 Nina Pawlak (Warsaw)
The Notion of SELF in Hausa

05.06.12 Abel Lupapula (Bayreuth)
Basukuma Greetings as Source for History

Mashaka Henrick Kahindi Ng'waje (Bayreuth)
A Study on Sukuma and Nyamwezi Traditional Kitchen Utensils:A Taxonomic Approach to their Classification

22.05.12  Afonso Teca (Bayreuth)
Study of the Verbal Voice in Kizombo (H.16) in a Translation Studies Perspective

08.05.12 Adams Bodomo (Bayreuth)
The Structure of Ideophones

24.04.12  Katharina Greven (Bayreuth)
Language as Identity Marker for Urban Communities as Shown by the Song Texts Tokelezea and Kariobangi South of Abbas Kubaff

​Winter Term 2011/2012Hide
07.02.12   Shigeki Kaji (Kyoto)
Social-linguistic Situation in Uganda

24.01.12 Shaban Mayanja (Nairobi)
The transition from philological to cultural  translation: "The Translation Turn" and its role in enhancing intercultural dialogue

10.01.12  Britta Neumann (Hamburg)
"Let' s support our children that they should see spirits" 
Attitude towards education in public speeches of the chief of Isu

13.12.11  Jean-Pierre Boutché (Maroua)
From Fulfulde to Ganoore: A structural and sociolinguistic Study of the Fulani Youth-Language as spoken in Cameroon

06.12.11  Paulo J. Pilar (Sao Paulo)
How to characterize a predicative possessive construction (in Bantu): An examination of typological ties to existential, locative and associative constructions

29.11.11 Abel Lupapula (Bayreuth)
Terms and divisions of cow body parts in Sukuma - with particular reference to butchers and traditional slaughters

Henrick Mashaka (Bayreuth) 
The Folk taxonomy of Sukuma traditional kitchen utensils

22.11.11 Katharina Greven (Bayreuth) 
Language as identity marker for different communities in Kenya with particular reference to Swahili and Sheng

08.11.11  Gastor Mapunda (Dar es Salaam)
Parents' attitude towards children's use of Kingoni in beginner classes
​Summer Term 2011Hide
12.07.11     Christoffel Rudolf Botha (Alice)
The implementation of a policy of multilingualism in the South African higher education sector: some of the challenges

05.07.11  Geoffrey Kitula King’ei (Nairobi)
Language provision in Kenya’ new constitution and their impact on Language Policy 

28.06.11 Tina Sakkos (Bayreuth)
Male and female representations in classical Swahili poetry

Frank Fessler (Bayreuth)
Mood in Southern African Bantu languages

07.06.11 G. Olusola Ajibade (Ile-Ife)
Same-sex relationships in YORÙBÁ culture and orature

31.05.11 Paul Newman (Indiana)
Greenberg’s classification of African Languages: An  insider’s view of his style, logic, and lasting accomplishments

10.05.11  Lustina Kyando (Bayreuth)
Aptronymic names of characters in Robert’s KUSADIKIKA and Kezilahabi’s KICHWAMAJI

Genoveva Mbilinyi (Bayreuth)
Changes of Swahili Poetry: From prosodic poetry to free verse
Winter Term 2010/2011Hide
01.02.11   Aishatu Iya Ahmed (Bayreuth)
What about Passive in Hausa and Warji

25.01.11 Uta Reuster-Jahn (Mainz)
Sex and relationship advice in the popular press and magazines

11.01.11 Juliana Macek (Sao Paulo)
An evolutionary approach to language change based on interactive creations in Sheng (Kenya) and Lugha ya Mitaani (Tanzania)
14.12.10  Dmitri Bondarev (London)
Converbs in Saharan (old Kanembu, Kanuri, and Beria): Dependancy, Multiple and Single Events

07.12.10  Tiina Sakkos (Bayreuth)
Reflections on the interpretation and criticism of utendi wa Mwana Kupona   

Genoveva Mbilinyi (Bayreuth)
Language and Culture Discourse Convention in Hehe and Kinga Greetings

30.11.10 Marie-Laure Kozi (Bayreuth)
Aspect verbal et negation dans les langues du Bia nord

23.11.10 Frank Fessler (Bayreuth)
Past systems of Bantu languages in southern Africa

Lustina Kyando (Bayreuth)
Metaphorical usage of colour terms in Kinga

09.11.10    Daoda Traore (Bayreuth)
Le senar (langue senufo du Burkina Faso): éléments de description et d'influence du dyula véhiculaire dans un contexte de contact de langues

02.11.10 Magdaline Wafula (Bayreuth)
Narration of generational conflicts in Tumaini: a Swahili novel by Clara Momanyi

​Summer Term 2010Hide
06.07.10    Sule E. Egya (Berlin)
Metonymic Outbursts: A Critique of the Images of Military Despotism in Recent Nigerian Poetry in English

29.06.10 Eva Rothmaler (Bayreuth)
Can we speak of 'converb' in Kanuri?

22.06.10 Edith Bwana (Bayreuth)
Establishment and Maintenance of Masculinity in Swahili Poetry

08.06.10  Pierre Malgoubri (Ouagadougou)
Point sur les recherches dialectologique et dialectométrique nuni         

01.06.10 Mimboabe Bakpa (Bayreuth)
Nominal classes in Gangam (Koumongou)

11.05.10 Marie Laure Kozi (Bayreuth)
Comparative Description of Northern Bia Languages: Agni, Baoulé and Anufo

04.05.10  Alain Ricard (Berlin)
Le Principe d'Asihu - The Taxi Principle

27.04.10  Natascha Bing (Mainz) 
Language and Nation in Africa. Monolingual Model in Multilingual Societies. Language and Nation Building in Kenya

​Winter Term 2009/2010Hide
09.02.10     Jouni Maho (Gothenburg)
Comparative Morphosyntax and what it can tell us about the Historical Classification of Bantu Languages

26.01.10 Doris Löhr (Hamburg)
How much of discontinuity can a dialect continuum stand? Examples from four Kanembu varieties

12.01.10  Annekie Joubert (Berlin)
Memory Embroidered: Craft Art as Intermedial Space of Expression

22.12.09  Mandy Walker (Bayreuth)
Colour terms in Éwé and Kabiyè idioms

08.12.09  Klaudia Dombrowsky-Hahn (Bayreuth)
Noun Morphology in Karaboro (Senufo, Gur), a Language Group of Burkina Faso

01.12.09 Matthias Krings (Mainz)
Turning Rice into Pilau. Dubbing Culture in Tanzania

24.11.09 Leo Sibomana (Regensburg)
VP-Expansion in Zama

10.11.09  Olajumoke Oyedele (Ile-Ife)
An Error Analysis of Written and Oral Texts of Yoruba Students of German in Two Nigerian Universities

03.11.09  Edith Bwana (Bayreuth)
From Zilipendwa to Bongo Fleva: An Analysis of Style

​Summer Term 2009Hide
14.07.09     Marie-Hélène Gutberlet (Frankfurt)
Zerzaust, afrikanisches Kino heute

30.06.09  Said El-Gheithy (London)
Behind the Veil of History: The Life and Writings of Princess Salme bint Said bin Sultan (1844-1924)

23.06.09 André Mangulu Motingea (Kinshasa)
Considérations sur la conjugaison périphrastique en bantou: cas des langues du bassin central congolais

09.06.09 Oyeniyi Okunoye (Bayreuth)
Lánréwájú Adépòjù and the Making of Modern Yorùbá  Poetry

26.05.09  Austin Bukenya (Kampala)
Proverbial Depth: a Semiotic Approach

19.05.09 Judith Böhm und Gabriele Sommer (Bayreuth)
Anredeverhalten in afrikanischen Sprachen am Beispiel medialer Inszenierungen im Zulu, Bambara und Swahili 

12.05.09 Maria Schubert (Bayreuth)
Fahrzeuge und Transportmittel in Nigeria. Eine kognitiv-semantische Untersuchung

05.05.09 Henrike Stühring (Bayreuth)
Temperature Terms in African Languages

29.04.09  Elisabeth Reber (Potsdam)
Affektgeladene Rezipientensignale in der sprachlichen Interaktion: Lautobjekte im Englischen

28.04.09  Laré Kantchoa (Kara)
Vers la disparition des classes nominales en moba?

​Winter Term 2008/2009Hide
27.01.09     Marianne Bechhaus-Gerst (Cologne)
Wissenschaft und Öffentlichkeit – Ausstellungen als Medium der Wissenschaftskommunikation

20.01.09 Gratien G. Atindogbé (Cologne)
Pronoun serialisation in Kamtok (Pidgin English): the syntax-semantic interface

13.01.09 Lutz Diegner (Berlin)
Expert Interviews as a Method of Research in African Language Literatures

09.12.08 Mimboa Bakpa (Bayreuth)
Le parler Gangam de Koumongou - description en relation au Gangam de Gando et les langues Gurma

02.12.08 Marie-Laure Kozi (Bayreuth)
Baule, Anyi, Anufo - un groupe Tano

25.11.08 Said Khamis (Bayreuth)
The Notion of Standard Swahili in Swahili Literature

11.11.08  Baba Mai Bello (Bayreuth / Maiduguri)
Language, Ethnicity and the Intergenerational Continuity in North-eastern Nigeria

04.11.08 Eva Rothmaler (Bayreuth)
Auswirkungen von Globalisierung auf die Ernährung im Tschadseegebiet

14.10.08 Ulrich Kleinewillinghöfer (Mainz)
Klassensprachen im Zentralen "Adamawa". Voko, Koma- und Veregruppe

​Summer Term 2008Hide
08.07.08    Flora Veit-Wild (Berlin)
Zimbolicious? The Creative Potential od Linguistic Innovation: The case of Shona-English in Zimbabwe

01.07.08  Naomi L. Shitemi (Moi)
The Language Issue in Kenya's constitutional review processes

24.06.08 Manfred von Roncador (Bayreuth)
Remarks on noun-classes in Oti-Volta

10.06.08  Philip Jaggar (London)
In situ wh-expressions and in situ focus in Hausa (Chadic): another feature we completely overlooked!

03.06.08  Pierre Malgoubri (Ouagadougou/Bayreuth)
Conséquences d'un phénomène de contact de langues : Le Zaoore?

27.05.08  Bassey Antia (Maiduguri / Bielefeld)
Corpora and Language Technologies: Strategic Management Options for African Higher Education

06.05.08 Gudrun Miehe (Bayreuth)
Zum Adjektiv im Cerma

22.04.08 Gratien Atindogbe (Cologne/Buea)
Ablaut/Umlaut in Bantu languages of Zone A

​Winter Term 2007/2008Hide
05.02.08   Doris Löhr (Leipzig)
Redezugwechsel (turntaking) in Kanuri

29.01.08  Christian Rapold (Zürich)
Typologische Rara und Rarissima im Benchnon (Omotisch)

15.01.08 Lutz Diegner (Cologne)
Expert Interviews as a Method of Research in African Languages Literatures

08.01.08  Helma Pasch (Cologne)
Competing scripts

11.12.07  Henning Schreiber (Frankfurt)
Variation und Diffusion: soziolinguistische Aspekte des Sprachwandels im Nord-Samo (Ost-Mande)

04.12.07  Angelika Jakobi (Bayreuth)
Semantics and Syntax of Motion Verbs in Beria (Saharan)

27.11.07  Shahrokh Raei (Göttingen)
Die afrikanische Minderheit und ihr Besessenheitsritual Zar im Südiran

13.11.07  Eric Anchimbe (Bayreuth)
Mutual cross-fertilisation between Cameroonian languages and English

​Summer Term 2007Hide
10.07.07    Klaudia Dombrowsky-Hahn (Bayreuth)
Semantik und Syntax von Bewegungsvorgängen im Senufo und Mande

03.07.07 Ulrich Kleinewillinghöfer (Marburg)
Sprachwandel durch Kontakt. Veränderungen in der Morphologie des Bogong in Ghana

19.06.07 Uwe Seibert (Dillenburg)
"Weblog, Wiki, Podcast, etc. Welche Möglichkeiten bietet das Web 2.0 für Afrikanisten?"

12.06.07  Oumarou Bukari (Bayreuth)
De la pluralité des manifestations d'une function connective: cas du marqueur de discourse to' dans le Songhay-Zerma

05.06.07  Michael Gromov (Moscow)
Swahili literature in the beginning of the new century

22.05.07  Robert Oduori (Moi)
Contextualizing Discourse (English in Kenya): A Critical Analysis

15.05.07  Claude Rilly (Paris)
Le rayonnement de Méroé en Afrique noire: quelques pistes

Winter Term 2006/2007Hide
06.02.07     Abubakar Girei (Maiduguri)
Progress in research on Fulfulde dialects in Nigeria

30.01.07  Manfred von Roncador (Bayreuth)
Adjektive in Oti-Volta-Sprachen

12.12.06 Said Khamis (Bayreuth)
The Power of 'Strangeness' in the New Swahili Novel

05.12.06 Kitula King'ei (Nairobi)
The Theme of Nationalism in East Africa's Popular Swahili Songs (150-200): A Tentative Research Proposal

28.11.06 Norbert Nikièma (Ouagadougou)
Topicalisation et focalisation en moore

14.11.06 Karsten Brunk (Bayreuth)
Kartographie afrikanischer Sprachen und linguistischer Merkmale mittels eines geographischen Informationssystems (GIS).

31.10.06 Pierre Malgoubri (Ouagadougou/Bayreuth)
Nasales et nasalisation dans deux dialectes moore: le sare et le dialecte du centre 

​Summer Term 2006Hide
25.07.06    George Olusola Ajibade (Ile-Ife)
Women Voice in Women Lore: The Yorùbá Nuptial Poetry as a Pivotal for Group Solidarity 

04.07.06  Jeff Opland (Leipzig)
The newspaper as empowering medium of Xhosa Literature: The case of Nontsizi Mgqwelho

27.06.06 Holger Tröbs (Bayreuth)
Feldforschungsbericht zum Samogo, Nord-West-Mande

31.05.06  Paulette Roulon-Doko (Paris)
Les parties du corps et l'expression de l'espace

30.05.06  Loic-Michel Perrin (Paris)
De la nature épistémologique des invariants sémantiques et cognitifs -  le cas des  marqueurs diggante et ci du Wolof

23.05.06 William Mkufya (Dar es Salaam)
Atheism in the Swahili Novel

16.05.06 Balarabe Zulyadaini (Maiduguri/Bayreuth)
Is Sokoto a poetic dialect?

02.05.06  Nina Pawlak (Warsaw)
Conceptual metaphors within the domain of 'speaking' in Hausa
​Winter Term 2005/2006Hide
07.02.06   Carmen Eickhoff-Klouvy (Bayreuth)
Typische Buschtaxis, moderne Unterhosen und falsche Zelte. Zur Wortfeldtheorie im Mina

30.01.06 Tatiana Krychkova (Moscow/Frankfurt)
European loanwords in Amharic and Oromo: comparative analysis

24.01.06 Anne Storch (Cologne)
Geistersprachen: Geheimsprachen und Sprachtheorie in Afrika

10.01.06  Alena Rettová (Prague/Bayreuth)
The search of the future. Linguistic arguments in African Philosophy

02.12.05 Jens Peter Laut (Freiburg)
Die Afrikanistik und ihre Rolle in der türkischen Sprachreform: Ist die Afrikanistik schuld an der türkischen Sonnensprachtheorie?

25.10.05 Pierre Malgoubri (Ouagadougou)
Le yaadre des immigrés (yaadse) de Ouagadougou

​Summer Term 2005Hide
12.07.05    Mfuwa Ndonga (Luanda)
Les langues nationales dans le système éducatif en Angola: bilan et perspectives

05.07.05 Angelika Jakobi (Bayreuth)
Ergativ-Strukturen im Beria (Saharanisch)

28.06.05  Said Khamis (Bayreuth)
The Language of the New Swahili Novel

14.06.05  Holger Tröbs (Bayreuth)
Postpositionen als Quelle für Prädikatsmarkierer im Manding 

07.06.05  Stefan Elders (Bayreuth)
Feldforschungsbericht zum Teen und Loma

31.05.05  Thilo Schadeberg (Leiden)
Zur Verbalstruktur des Ebang (Heiban, Kordofanian, Sudan)

24.05.05 Sa'idu B. Ahmad (Kano)
The Construction of Hausa Identity in Tales

26.04.05 Ibrahim Maina Waziri (Maiduguri)
The Significance of Onomastics (Toponyms, Anthroponyms, and Hydronyms) in Understanding Bole Oral Traditions of Origin and Interpreting the Migratory Processes      

​Winter Term 2004/2005Hide
08.02.05   Thomas Geider (Cologne)
East Africas's Oral and Written Literatures in the Discussion about World Literature: Theoretical Constellations - Literary Specimens

01.02.05 Monika Sokol (Bayreuth)
Blackness - Afrikanizität - Alterität: Zur Rekontextualisierung und Reprofilierung eines zentralen Elements im globalisierten Hip Hop

11.01.05 David Massamba (Dar es Salam)
New findings on the origin of Swahili

14.12.04 Abubakar Girei (Maiduguri)
A survey of some selected Fulfulde dialects of Nigeria

07.12.04 Sandra Bornand (Lausanne)
Der Erzähler in der mündlichen Literatur: das Beispiel der Zarma Erzählung (Niger)

30.11.04  Robert Nicolai (Nice)
Typologie des charactéristiques aréales de l'espace songhay mandé

23.11.04 Brigitte Nedellec (Bayreuth)
Eigenschaftskonzepte im Nateni

16.11.04 Clarissa Dittemer (Bayreuth)
Utendi wa Haudaji. Analyse eines bisher unveröffentlichten Swahili-Epos

02.11.04 Crispin Maalu-Bungi (Kinshasa)
Histoire événementielle à travers les chansons populaires Luba

26.10.04  Gudrun Miehe (Bayreuth)
Besonderheiten im Nominalklassensystem des Cerma-Curama (Gur)
Summer Term 2004Hide
13.07.04    Pierre Malgoubri (Ouagadougou)
La situation du moore dans les centres urbains: le cas de la ville de Ouagadougou 

06.07.04 Ahmed Bio Nigan (Cotonou)
Signe et message pour une étude sémiologique de l'annonce du deuil chez les batombu

22.06.04 Ratisbonne Kumugo (Kinshasa)
La dérivation et les sous-catégories verbales du ngbaka

08.06.04 Rotimi Badejo (Maiduguri)
Reflections on the language situation in Africa

25.05.04 Anette Volk (Bayreuth)
Lexikalische Vergleiche: Kuschitisch-Omotisch (Projektbericht)

11.05.04  Stefan Elders (Bayreuth)
Kulango/Teen (Gur-Projektbericht)

04.05.04 Norbert Nikiema (Ouagadougou)
Serial verb constructions in Moore

​Winter Term 2003/2004Hide
10.02.04     Gudrun Miehe (Bayreuth)
Zur nominalen Klassifikation in Plateau- und Gursprachen

03.02.04  Klaudia Dombrowsky-Hahn (Bayreuth)
Negation im Kar

20.01.04 Clarissa Dittemer (Bayreuth)
Zum Liongo-Kanon

13.01.04 Kerstin Winkelmann (Bayreuth)
Negation in Gursprachen

02.12.03 Brigitte Reineke (Berlin)
Fokus in Gur- und Kwasprachen

25.11.03  Ulrich Kleinewillinghöfer (Bayreuth)
Nord Volta-Congo Sprachen im südlichen Tschadbecken. Sprachen im südlichen Tschadbecken

11.11.03 Stefan Elders (Bayreuth)
Bericht über den Workshop SPOVX Reihenfolgen an der Rudgers Univ., New Brunswick im Juni 2003

04.11.03 Ulrich Kleinewillinghöfer (Bayreuth)
Komposita mit -bi- in Gurunsisprachen

28.10.03 E. Apia N'Guessan (Bayreuth)
Système vocalique de l'abe (langue lagunaire, Côte d'Ivoire)

​Summer Term 2003Hide
08.07.03     Sayane Gouroubera (Cotonou)
Sur le système verbal du baatonum

01.07.03  Yuliya Suyetina (Moscow)
Die analytischen Konstruktionen im Hausa

24.06.03      Jan Leysen (Bayreuth)
The poetics of Swahili hiphop

03.06.03    Eva Rothmaler (Bayreuth)
Toponyme in Borno

13.05.03  Anette Volk (Bayreuth)
Proto-kuschitische Rekonstruktionen: Probleme des Vergleichs

06.05.03 Henry Tourneux (Paris)
L'argument linguistique chez les historiens africains afrocentristes

29.04.03 Joe McIntyre (Hamburg)
Metaphor and Metonymy in Hausa: with Special Reference to their Role in Verbal Compounds
​Winter Term 2002/2003Hide
28.01.03  Ursula Drolc (Cologne/Bayreuth)
Das Konsonantensystem des Proto-Cangin

14.01.03  Frank Kammerzell (Göttingen)
Napatanisch, Meroitisch, Nubisch. Zur frühesten Verschriftung afrikanischer Sprachen außerhalb Ägyptens
07.01.03    Ralf Großerhode (Bayreuth)
Was macht Pflanzen ähnlich? Pflanzenbezeichnungen im Swahili

03.12.02 Marianne Bechhaus-Gerst (Cologne)
Raum und Umwelt bei den Beja

26.11.02  Saidu B. Ahmad (Berlin)
Hausa Tales from Oral to Multi-Media

12.11.02 Jean Philippe Zouogbo (Strasburg)
Die Tierwelt in der Phraseologie des Bété mit Illustrationen aus dem Deutschen

05.11.02  Ursula Drolc (Cologne/Bayreuth)
Nominalklassensysteme in Cangin-Sprachen (Senegal). Ein Vergleich

29.10.02 Keith Snider (SIL Canada)
Noun class systems in Guang languages

22.10.02  Manfred von Roncador (Bayreuth)
Safalba Noun Classes

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