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Vincent Magugu

Vincent Magugu is a Lecturer in the department of Kiswahili and Other African Languages at Moi University, Eldoret Kenya. He visited Bayreuth as Fellow under the Recalibrating Afrikanistik (RecAf) Project which is a collaborative project of scholars from the University of Leipzig, Bayreuth and Cologne, as well as three partnering universities in Kenya (Moi University), Nigeria and South Africa (Hyperlink Recalibrating Afrikanistik: https://www.afrikanistik.uni-bayreuth.de/en/research/Recalibrating-Afrikanistik/index.html). His research interests are dedicated to expanding collective knowledge base through new and interesting studies in the fields of Translation studies, Kiswahili literature, and Indigenous knowledges. He is a published scholar with contributions in multiple books and journals and is a leader in Kiswahili Translation and language consultancy.

You can reach him via: Email: njeruwamagugu@gmail.com/ njeruwamagugu@mu.ac.ke LinkedIn: Vincent Magugu

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