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Norbert Nikiema

Norbert Nikiema will be visiting Bayreuth from April to June [2004]. He is professor of Linguistics at the University of Ouagadougou. He is a specialist in Moore linguistics. He has authored several monographs and a great number of articles on Moore grammar and phono- logy. His most important contribution to the field is the monumental Moore dictionary, published in 1997, the creation of which he directed. During his stay in Bayreuth he intends to complete the final editing of his Moore reference grammar, which is to be published in the series "Gur Monographs" with Rüdiger Köppe,Cologne. This series is edited by Gudrun Miehe, Brigitte Reineke and Manfred von Roncador. Norbert Nikiema has occupied several important administrative posts at the University of Ouagadougou, such as director for foreign affairs and director (dean) of the Language and Literature unit (UFR). He has been re-invited by the DAAD postdoctoral program for scientists, and this is his fourth visit to Bayreuth.

NAB III/1, 2004, p. 11

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