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André Mangulu Motingea

During September/October [2010], André Mangulu Motingea was acting as a research fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt- Foundation at the Chair of African Linguistics I. He is a full professor at the „Université Pégagogique Nationale“ in Kinshasa and is a permanent member of the renowned „Centre Aequatoria“ in Mbandaka (Demokratic Republic of Congo).

André Motingea is an excellent scholar on Bantu languages. He is author of several monographs and numerous articles on Bantu languages in the upper reaches of the Congo River and their sociolinguistic relations to the larger linguae francae. His special domain is an until-now neglected sub-group of Bantu languages spoken in this region of the Congo River between Bumba and Kissangani. During his stay in Bayreuth he prepared for publication a monograph entitled „Langues mongo du complexe lomame- tshuapa. Elements pour la linguistique aréale d’un groupe de langues bantoues du Congo“. These languages belong to the groups C60 and C70 of Guthrie’s classification. André Motingea’s studies during his stay fit nicely into the research focus on Bantu languages of the Chair of African Linguistics I where he had fruitful discussions with Gabriele Sommer, Clarissa Vierke and Manfred von Roncador.

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