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gaudioso Roberto Gaudioso

Roberto Gaudiosois a Postdoctoral Research Fellow working on verbal arts in African languages mainly from a comparative perspective. He graduated in German and Swahili comparative literature with a thesis on Euphrase Kezilahabi and Ingeborg Bachmann. As a student and researcher, he spent long periods in Africa, especially in Tanzania. His current project (funded by the DAAD, PRIME program) focuses on the comparison of modern poetry in Shona and Swahili languages, in particular their debate around free verse and regular verse.

For his Ph.D., he worked on the poetics of the Swahili writer Kezilahabi. The voice of the text and its body. The continuous reform of Euphrase Kezilahabi’s poetics was published in 2019 by Köppe. Through comparative and translatologic analysis, the profile of a complex artist and thinker who profoundly innovated Swahili written verbal arts. Gaudioso builds his methodology of analysis on hermeneutic and aesthetic grounds by drawing inspiration from Kezilahabi himself, comparing him with German, Italian, Swahili writers and Kerewe (Kezilahabi’s first language) oral composers.

Academic Degrees

2023 Italian National Scientific qualification as associate professor (Habilitation) for the disciplinary field of Ancient Near Eastern, Middle Eastern and African cultures. (Academic Recruitment Field Eastern and African cultures).


PhD in Swahili Literature, University of Naples “L’Orientale” and University of Bayreuth (2015-2016 Research Associate, Institute of Kiswahili Studies, University of Dar es Salaam)

2013 MA in Comparative Literatures and Cultures (German and Swahili), University of Naples “L’Orientale” (Academic year 2010-2011 Postgraduate exchange student (MA of Swahili Literature), University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania).

2010 BA in Comparative Languages and Cultures (German and Swahili), University of Naples “L’Orientale” (Academic year 2008-2009: Erasmus exchange student at Humboldt University, Berlin)

Professional Background


Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Johannesburg


Yearly Substitute teacher of German language in Italian Secondary Schools

2017 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Naples “L’Orientale”


Supplementary Scientific Assistant, University of Bayreuth


Current Research Projects:

Modern Poetry in African languages. Comparison and Aesthetics in approaching changes in Shona and Swahili Poetry (PRIME program, DAAD):https://www.afrikanistik.uni-bayreuth.de/en/research/Research-Projects/Modern-Poetry-in-African-Languages/index.html


Research Interests: Verbal arts in African languages, comparative literature, theories and practices of translation, aesthetics, literary theory and criticism

Regional Focus : Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo and Zimbabwe




Lubumbashi aujourd'hui : langues, arts et société
publ: Aiello, Flavia; Gaudioso, Roberto
Paris : L'Harmattan, 2021. - 226 pp.

Lugha na Fasihi : Scritti in onore e memoria di Elena Bertoncini Zúbková = Essays in hon ...
publ: Aiello, Flavia; Gaudioso, Roberto
Napoli : UniorPress, 2019. - 559 pp.
http://www.fedoa.unina.it/12341/1/Aiello.%20Lugha% ...

Gaudioso, Roberto
The voice of the text and its body : the continuous reform of Euphrase Kezilahabi’s poetic ...
Köln : Rüdiger Köppe Verlag, 2019. - 306 pp. . - (Verbal Art and Documentary Literature in African Languages; 39)

Ushairi na Uhuru : poesie scelte di Abdilatif Abdalla e Euphrase Kezilahabi = Mkusanyo wa ...
publ: Aiello, Flavia; Gaudioso, Roberto
Napoli : L'Orientale, 2017. - 99 pp.

Article in a journal (peer-reviewed)

Gaudioso, Roberto
Liberating criticism : liberating form and thought ; a preliminary comparative study of Sh ...
in Swahili Forum vol. 29 (2022) . - pp. 66-94

Gaudioso, Roberto
Verbal art beyond categorization : inductive and aesthetic approaches to Remmy Ongala’s so ...
in Journal of Eastern African Studies vol. 15 (2021) issue 4. - pp. 645-662
doi:10.1080/17531055.2021.1982301 ...

Gaudioso, Roberto; Minerba, Emiliano
Materialism and secularism in Swahili literature : The case of Topan's Aliyeonja Pepo
in Afrikanistik - Aegyptologie - Online (2020)
https://www.afrikanistik-aegyptologie-online.de/ar ...

Gaudioso, Roberto
Analisi letteraria delle canzoni di Remmy Ongala e delle loro tradizioni testuali
in Kervan : International Journal of Afro-Asiatic Studies vol. 24 (2020) issue 2. - pp. 115-141
https://www.ojs.unito.it/index.php/kervan/article/ ...

Gaudioso, Roberto
Emancipation, secularism and sexual education in Euphrase Kezilahabi’s early works
in Africana : Rivista di studi extraeuropei vol. 26 (2020) . - pp. 79-86

Gaudioso, Roberto
L'ipotesi Bantu : il verso libero swahili a confronto con lo sviluppo della poesia shona
in Smerilliana vol. 23 (2020) . - pp. 299-316

Aiello, Flavia; Gaudioso, Roberto
Les transgressions poétiques d’un auteur swahiliphone de Lubumbashi : Patrick Mudekereza ...
in Continents manuscrits (2020) issue 15
doi:10.4000/coma.6157 ...

Gaudioso, Roberto
The Swahili free verse dispute : a proposal for a textual approach avoiding culturalism
in Research in African Literatures vol. 51 (2020) issue 3. - pp. 1-24
doi:10.2979/reseafrilite.51.3.01 ...

Gaudioso, Roberto
This Is not Free Verse! A Stylistic Study of Kezilahabi's Poems
in Africa : Rivista Semestrale di Studi e Ricerche. N.S. vol. 2 (2020) issue 2. - pp. 43-61
doi:10.23744/3189 ...

Gaudioso, Roberto
To the eternal presence of poetry, to Euphrase Kezilahabi
in Swahili Forum vol. 27 (2020) . - pp. 5-16
https://ul.qucosa.de/api/qucosa%3A72133/attachment ...

Gaudioso, Roberto
La pensée poétisante swahilie du docteur Ongala
in Africa e Mediterraneo vol. 90 (2019) . - pp. 63-67

Aiello, Flavia; Gaudioso, Roberto
Poesia swahili in Katanga : Multilinguismo e corporalità nei versi di Patrick Mudekereza
in Kervan : International Journal of Afro-Asiatic Studies vol. 23 (2019) issue 2. - pp. 49-73
https://www.ojs.unito.it/index.php/kervan/article/ ...

Aiello, Flavia; Gaudioso, Roberto
Sando Marteau : il cantore di Lubumbashi
in Kervan : International Journal of Afro-Asiatic Studies vol. 23 (2019) issue 1. - pp. 7-28
https://www.ojs.unito.it/index.php/kervan/article/ ...

Gaudioso, Roberto
Il corpo e la parola : La poetica di Ebrahim Hussein attraverso la traduzione di Ngoma na ...
in Smerilliana vol. 21 (2018) . - pp. 369-380

Gaudioso, Roberto
When Words Go Beyond Words : Notes on a Hermeneutical and Sensualistic Approach to Text an ...
in Swahili Forum vol. 25 (2018) . - pp. 57-74
https://www.qucosa.de/api/qucosa%3A35325/attachmen ...

Gaudioso, Roberto
A Literary Approach to Avoiding Objectification of the Text : Reading Kezilahabi and Beyon ...
in Annali Sezione Orientale vol. 77 (2017) issue 1-2. - pp. 3-32
doi:10.1163/24685631-12340024 ...

Gaudioso, Roberto
Il linguaggio del dolore e della libertà : Il poeta swahili Euphrase Kezilahabi tra ricerc ...
in Smerilliana vol. 18 (2015) . - pp. 143-176

Gaudioso, Roberto
Traduzione dallo Swahili di poesie scelte di Euphrase Kezilahabi
in Smerilliana vol. 18 (2015) . - pp. 177-206

Gaudioso, Roberto
Transferring and Rewriting Freedom in Euphrase Kezilahabi
in Nordic Journal of African Studies vol. 24 (2015) issue 1. - pp. 63-89
doi:10.53228/njas.v24i1.135 ...

Gaudioso, Roberto
Kuwako na Wakati : Mipaka ya lugha kama hatua za falsafa katika mashairi ya Euphrase Kezil ...
in Swahili Forum vol. 21 (2014) . - pp. 76-103
https://www.qucosa.de/api/qucosa%3A13212/attachmen ...

Gaudioso, Roberto
Il neoantico nelle poetiche di Ingeborg Bachmann ed Euphrase Kezilahabi
in Smerilliana vol. 15 (2013) . - pp. 251-276

Article in a book (peer-reviewed)

Gaudioso, Roberto
Euphrase Kezilahabi's thinking poetry : his philosophy, his poetics and Kerewe oral poetry
In: Rettová, Alena ; Lanfranchi, Benedetta ; Pahl, Miriam (ed.): Critical Conversations in African Philosophy : Asixoxe - Let's Talk - London ; New York: Routledge, 2021. - pp. 54-72
doi:10.4324/9781003172079-3 ...

Aiello, Flavia; Gaudioso, Roberto
Langue, art et société dans la poésie chantée de Sando Marteau
In: Aiello, Flavia ; Gaudioso, Roberto (ed.): Lubumbashi aujourd'hui : langues, arts et société - Paris: L'Harmattan, 2021. - pp. 81-108

Aiello, Flavia; Gaudioso, Roberto; Minerba, Emiliano
Swahili poetry in the new millennium : established and emerging trends
In: Gehrmann, Susanne ; Musumba, Obala ; Obura, Oduor ; Ogone, James (ed.): Emerging Trends in Eastern African Literatures and Cultures - Glienicke: Galda Verlag, 2020. - pp. 289-313

Gaudioso, Roberto
Il genio della letteratura Swahili : Hussein e Kezilahabi a confronto
In: Aiello, Flavia ; Gaudioso, Roberto (ed.): Lugha na Fasihi : Scritti in onore e memoria di Elena Bertoncini Zúbková = Essays in honour and memory of Elena Bertoncini Zúbková - Napoli: UniorPress, 2019. - pp. 195-222
http://www.fedoa.unina.it/12341/1/Aiello.%20Lugha% ...

Gaudioso, Roberto
Mikondo ya Mtiririko wa Kishairi : Mabadiliko ya Ushairi wa Kiswahili wa Kezilahabi na Mul ...
In: Omari, Shani ; Samwel, Method (ed.): Fasihi, Lugha na Utamaduni wa Kiswahili na Kiafrika : kwa Heshima ya Prof. M.M. Mulokozi - Dar es Salaam: Taasisi ya Taaluma za Kiswahili, 2018. - pp. 180-206

Gaudioso, Roberto
Note per un federalismo libertario a partire dai laici federalisti tanzaniani
In: Cozzolino, Adriano ; Forte, Francesco Iury ; Palazzi, Flavia (ed.): Europa: che fare? : l'Unione Europea tra crisi, populismi e prospettive di rilancio federale - Napoli: Guida, 2018. - pp. 191-205

Kezilahabi, Euphrase
Poesie di E. Kezilahabi
In: Aiello, Flavia ; Gaudioso, Roberto (ed.): Ushairi na Uhuru : poesie scelte di Abdilatif Abdalla e Euphrase Kezilahabi = Mkusanyo wa tungo za Abdilatif Abdalla na Euphrase Kezilahabi (Poetry and Freedom : Selected poems of Abdilatif Abdalla and Euphrase Kezilahabi) - Napoli: L'Orientale, 2017. - pp. 69-99


Gaudioso, Roberto
Ranne, Katriina: The Image of Water in the Poetry of Euphrase Kezilahabi. Helsinki, 2016
Studia Orientalia Electronica
doi:10.23993/store.69724 ...


Roberto Gaudioso
Postdoctoral Research Fellow University of Bayreuth Affiliated to Literatures in African Languages, University of Dar es Salaam, TATAKI (Department of Swahili Studies)

E-mail: roberto.gaudioso@uni-bayreuth.de

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