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We are socially committed and we put effort in making our knowledge accessible to a wider audience that goes beyond our primary academic audience.

In this regard, we participate in outreach activities that serve as a bridge between the “academic ivory tower” and the “general audience”. In doing so, within the limited scopes of our disciplines, we act as cultural mediators in the communication and knowledge transmission between academia and the interested public.

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Since 2015, we regularly take part in the alumni outreach day with the Markgräfin-Wilhelmine Gymnasium Bayreuth. Former students from this high-school tell 9th graders about their career paths and daily work and professional ethics. We talk about Afrikanistik as a subject not to be mistaken with Anthropology or African Studies but as a matter of linguistics; but fun nevertheless. In the process, the pupils also learn about the idea of Africa not as a country but a continent with over 2,000 languages and just as many different cultures.


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Exhibition  with BA students ASpLiKu and Secondary School (Gymnasium) in Veitshöchheim

Students of the Gymnasium Veitshöchheim visited Bayreuth and Iwalewa Haus during the winter term 2010/11 to work on aspects of Namibian history and curation with BA students of the interdisciplinary BA programme African Languages, Literatures and Arts. The result of this joint venture was an exhibition on colonial history and language diversity in Namibia which was shown at the high school in 2011 at Veitshöchheim as part of the Kulturherbst initiative. ​

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Open Day of the Botanical Garden (UBT): Exhibition on African cultural plants (BA/MA)

In a project seminar and in collaboration with the Botanical Garden at UBT Bayreuth BA and MA students of the programs African Languages, Literatures and Arts and Magister Afrikanistik developed posters, stands, interactive presentations and a quiz on African cultural plants to be shown at the Open Day of the Botanical Garden at Bayreuth in summer 2009.  ​

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