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Berber Colloquium

The colloquium on the Berber languages, called at the beginning “Bayreuth-Frankfurter Kolloquium zur Berberologie”, since 2006 “Bayreuth-Frankfurt-Leidener Kollo­quium zur Berberologie” is a biennial international meeting. It started on 2. and 3. July 2000 at the University of Bayreuth with the idea to discuss different aspects of Berber linguistics.

Below is the list of the colloquia that have taken place till now. The next “Bayreuth-Frankfurt-Leidener Kollo­quium zur Berberologie” will take place in Bayreuth from 10. to 12. October 2018.

1stBayreuth-Frankfurter Kolloquium zur Berberologie”, 2.-3. July 2000, Bayreuth

2ndBayreuth-Frankfurter Kolloquium zur Berberologie”, 11.-13. July 2002, Frankfurt am Main, main topic “Le verbe en               berbère

3rdBayreuth-Frankfurter Kolloquium zur Berberologie”, 1.-3. July 2004, Bayreuth, main topic “Etudes sur le nom et                   pronom en berbère ”

4thBayreuth-Frankfurter Kolloquium zur Berberologie”, 21.-23. September 2006, Frankfurt am Main, main topic “Etudes             lexicologiques et lexico­gra­phiques en berbère

5thBayreuth-Frankfurter-Leidener Kolloquium zur Berberologie”, 8.-11. October 2008, Leiden, main topic “Variations                   dialectales

6thBayreuth-Frankfurter-Leidener Kolloquium zur Berberologie”, 19.-21. July 2010, Bayreuth, main topic “Etudes sur la             syntaxe en berbère

7thBayreuth-Frankfurt-Leidener Kolloquium zur Berberologie”, 16.-18. July 2012, Frankfurt am Main, main topic “Etudes             sur la sémantique en berbère

8thBayreuth-Frankfurter-Leidener Kolloquium zur Berberologie”, 9.-11. October 2014, Bayreuth, main topic “Etudes sur la         linguistique historique berbère”   (see picture)

9thBayreuth-Frankfurt-Leidener Kolloquium zur Berberologie”, 20.-23. July 2016, Frankfurt am Main, main topic “Etudes            sur la linguistique et la documentation écrite en berbère


10th “Bayreuth-Frankfurter-Leidener Kolloquium zur Berberologie”, 10.-12. October 2018, Bayreuth, main topic “Derniers               développements en études linguistiques berbères

For further information on the next colloquium please contact Dymitr Ibriszimow (dymitr.ibriszimow@uni-bayreuth.de) and Rémi Tchokothe (Remi.Tchokothe@uni-bayreuth.de


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