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African Linguistics and Literatures

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Research Colloquium


Linguistic Colloquium

27.04.21 Dyoniz Kindata (Bayreuth)
A Critical Thematic Analysis of Selim bin Abakari Travelogue

04.05.21 Emiliano Minerba (Bayreuth)
Stylistic analysis in African literature: some theoretical considerations

11.05.21 Maureen Karanja (Bayreuth)

18.05.21 Linguistic Colloquium

25.05.21 NO Lectures

01.06.21 Abibatou Diagne  (Dakar)
Languages Terminologically Undeveloped: How to Express Science and Technology

08.06.21 Patrick Onuh (Bayreuth)
Voices of Disruptions: The Artistic Portrayal of Systemic Violence against Nigerian Youths

15.06.21 Linguistic Colloquium

22.06.21 Saheed Bello (Bayreuth)

29.06.21 Annmarie Drury (Bayreuth)

06.07.21 Alena Rettová and Team (Bayreuth)
Philosophy and Genre: Creating a Textual Basis for African Philosophy

13.07.21 End of term talk with AVVA students


Research Colloquium


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