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Winter Semester 21/22


26.10.21 Alena Rettova and Team (Bayreuth)
Philosophy and Genre- Creating a Textual Basis for African Philosophy 

02.11.21 Liliana Santos (Munich)
Silence, Voice, Gender and Racial Representations in African American Children's Literature 

Maxime Boeuf (Munich)
Koloniale Jugendliteratur

09.11.21 Ajibade Olusola (Ile-Ife)
Spiritualizing the COVID-19 Pandemic: Impulsion from Oral Genres Produced during COVID-19 in Nigeria

16.11.21 (TBC)

23.11.21 Maureen Karanja (Bayreuth)
Code-switching and code-mixing in Kenyan Rap Music- Analysing the works of Kennedy Ombima aka King Kaka

30.11.21 Jannis Kostelnik (Bayreuth)
Metaphorical Conceptualizations of DEATH and DYING in Chadic Languages- Examples from Hausa and Mofu-Gudur

Agnes Dietrich 
The Conceptualization of Women in Kiswahili Proverbs

07.12.21 Susanne Mohr (Trondheim)
‘Kwa quotes nzuri za kiswahili kuhusu mapenzi na maisha follow hapa’- Inspirational quotes as advice activity in the digital (tourist) space of Zanzibar

14.12.21 (TBC)

21.12.21 Paul Okoro Ewoma (Bayreuth)
The Significance of Osun-Osogbo Festival

Moses Anifowose 
Ijala Artist as the Memory of the Society - A Case Study of Alabi Ogundepo's works

11.01.22 (TBC)

18.01.22 Vuyelwa Jacobs (Gqeberha)
The City Press Representation of Citizen Action in Housing Delivery in South Africa: 2005-2015

25.01.22 (TBC)

02.02.22 Irina Turner (Bayreuth)
En(l)abelling isiXhosa at the University

08.02.22 End of term talk with AVVA students

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