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Winter Semester 22/23


01.11.22 Public Holiday: All Saint's Day 
08.11.22 Recalibrating Afrikanistik Reading Group: Vincent Magugu (Moi University): Contextualising the Translation of Caitaani Mutharaba-ini (Devil on the Cross) by Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o". Please note: starts at 17h00!
15.11.22 Linguistic Colloquium (16h00): Thorsten Brato “Towards a Diachronic Corpus of African Newspapers (DiaNewspapers)“. 
22.11.22 Programme moderator meeting with MA students  (includes information and discussion on presenting in the colloquium)

29.11.22 Meeting with BA students: a chance to discuss open questions with the programme moderator

 Recalibrating Afrikanisitk Reading Group:
Andrew Harvey (UBT): Field Notes: TBA


Sazzad Hossain (MA AVVA). Title: TBA 


Linguistic Colloquium (16h00):TBA


Alena Rettova (UBT): Philosophy and Genre Update

17.01.23 Linguistic Colloquium (16h00): TBA


Albert Kasanda (UBT): Field Notes

31.01.23 Moyosore Oyeniran (MA AVVA): Emere in Art

07.02.23 End of term talk with AVVA students

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