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Swahili (or Kiswahili as it is called when one is speaking the language)  is a Bantu language.

Swahili emerged on the Eastern African coast around the 9th century. Nowadays it is the official language of Tanzania and Kenya, one of the four national languages of the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is also used in neighbouring countries including Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, northern Mozambique, Somalia, and the Comoro Islands.

With an estimated population between 80 and 100 million speakers, Swahili is among the most extensively used African languages south of the Sahara.

Swahilis is taught in academic institutions all over the world from Japan to Mexico.


Apart from being among the most widely spoken and taught languages of Eastern Africa, Swahili has become also very popular in media and international organisations. It is aired in world radio stations such as the BBC, Voice of America, and Deutsche Welle, and it is one of the African Union’s working languages.


The University of Bayreuth offers the following for Swahili:


Grundkurs 1-4



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Where Swahili is spoken (taken from Wikipedia)
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Uchoraji wa Tingatinga. Tingatinga 
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