Forschungskolloquium / Research Colloqium

Summer Term 2017

Tuesdays 14-16 c.t., GW I / S 125

Research Colloquium Summer 2017

Winter Term 2016/2017

Tuesdays 14-16 c.t., GW I / S 125

18.10.2016 Eliane Kamdem (Bayreuth): A description and comparison of the tense-aspect systems in Bamileke  languages
25.10.2016 Angiachi Demetris Esene Agwara (Bayreuth): Assessing oral rural multilingual competence in lower Bafut, North-West Region of Cameroon
01.11.2016 Public holiday (Allerheiligen)
08.11.2016 Nomsa Satyo (Fort Hare): IsiXhosa Riddles : A contribution to real learning in the Foundation Phase  
15.11.2016 Linguistic Colloquium (18 c.t. GWI / S 121)
22.11.2016 Chapane Mutiua (Maputo) : Typology, Style and Materiality of the nineteenth century northern Mozambique ajami correspondence: the case of the collection of Bwana Shaki ibn Abdulatifo al-Mafazy
29.11.2016 Abraham Olivier (Fort Hare): Racism, speciesism and suffering
06.12.2016 Linguistic Colloquium (18 c.t. GWI / S 121)
13.12.2016 Dianne Shober (Fort Hare): History of South African Literature: Literary Footprints
20.12.2016 Cultural Event (Weihnachtsfeier)
10.01.2017 Anja Oed (Mainz): Detective novels in African languages
17.01.2017 Linguistic Colloquium (18 c.t. GW I/ S 121)
24.01.2017 Davids Boakye, (Bayreuth / Accra): Title tba
31.01.2017 Georg Ziegelmeyer (Wien): Language contact between Chadic and Nilo-Saharan Languages (preliminary title)
07.02.2017 End of term talk (Staff and students; separate invitation)

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